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scope of work
Art Direction & Concept
Packaging Design
Beer Name
Beer Description/Copywriting
Additional Collateral (+ Zine!)

Doll's Eyeball (featured in the center) procured by my friend and colleague, David Lohman

Since 2019, Cyclops' most recent iteration has been a recurring yearly release from the Elysian Brewing wood-hall. This Barrel-Aged Barleywine has a whopping ABV that generally ranges above 10% -- a real heavy-hitter. To pair with the art, we put together a Zine that walks you through the inspiration behind the label, and why the direction was chosen (flip through below!) Here's an excerpt that best describes how Cyclops became Cyclops:

“In early 2019, I stumbled upon a 2017 article from Vice highlighting photographs of Parisian punks in the early 80s and fell in love. These photos had an energy that I wanted to exude off of the final label. Like all photographs, you see the subject and allow yourself to determine the mood, and I feel with this set of images I was motivated to grasp a “live-long-and-don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude. Animalistic. Intelligent. No boundaries.


So in true punk fashion, I decided to do a cut-and-paste Cyclops by collecting old images from the internet and some notebook scraps. A few slices and snips gave birth to the one-eyed beast. The final result was brought to life by this scrambled collection of black and white shapes and textures.”

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