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scope of work
Art Direction & Concept
Packaging Design
Beer Description/Copywriting
Additional Collateral

Photography and killer fish tank set up by Andrew Snyder

Jeuneberry is that person you never stop thinking about. While this beer never officially released in-market, it made way for an exercise in brand design that helped expand the brand aesthetic. A softly designed 12oz slim can was nonexistent in the Elysian Brewing portfolio before this project. After tasting the beer, I had this vision in my head that was fresh, vibrant, smelled wonderful, and was full of movement & color. Jeuneberry would have been released as a gose brewed with pickled green strawberries, similar in practice to umeboshi (Japanese sour salted plums) and umeshu (Plum Wine). So ... I had this idea of creating a marbled effect using vibrant shampoo and conditioner on a big surface and taking photos of it. This is when Andrew Snyder, our content creator and film aficionado at the time (also my dear friend), stepped in to help with his awesome fish tank suggestion and execution. It was honestly so much fun!


The artful, freeform approach of the Jeuneberry label concept, along with its many iterations, paved the way for an evolved form of thinking about label concepts, as well as how to pitch label concepts in a more holistic way. Trusting the system works, but it's always nice to hit refresh once in a while and think outside of the box.

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