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scope of work
Art Direction & Concept
Beer Description/Copywriting
Additional Collateral
Merchandise Design
Set Design (Action Bronson shoot)
Overall Vibe Check

Dank Dust package design, art direction, and concept in collaboration with David Lohman

Dank Dust was a monumental project that went beyond being just a beer release. Dank Dust represented us being in the right place at the right time with the right team and the right resources. Released as an Alter Ego to our cult classic "Space Dust IPA," Dank Dust is an unforgettable experience ... and yes, extremely dank. Like, the second you crack open the can, the entire room smells like that one cousin's basement. You know the one.

The campaign and work put toward Dank Dust should be set as an example of Elysian's best practices. All facets of the release were great: the beer, the packaging, the attitude. It took the efforts of the entire Elysian Brewing team -- every department -- to release this into the wild.

Dank Dust invited collaboration with some of our favorite partners, like Stout Collective, who helped facilitate and launch an online "Bodanka" website (like a bodega ... but dank) and M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment North America, who helped us find the perfect "Director of Dank" in Action Bronson. (Fun Fact: I helped mock up the set design for that shoot!)

Dank Dust was rated #8 on The Dieline's Top 100 Stories of 2022

The release was featured in multiple outlets, including (but not limited to):

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