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scope of work
Product Design
Packaging Design
Collateral Layouts
Hands-On Design Work
Artistic Direction

NOV 2013 - SEP 2015

KiwiCo (formerly known as Kiwi Crate) is a kids subscription box company, encouraging STEM learning for children through themed projects and experiences. My work at KiwiCo spanned a range of responsibilities and mediums. I joined KiwiCo two years after it was founded, and thus had a big hand in helping the brand grow. KiwiCo started off with one subscription box, and was at 5 by the time I chose to move on, all boxes catering to a variety of age groups. Because of its start up roots, we all dabbled in a little bit of everything -- and being fresh out of college, I found that exhilarating.

While I wore many hats, I began as a Product Design Intern, graduated to Associate Product Designer, then situated myself into a Graphic Design role. From there, my work blossomed and eventually led to many incredible opportunities within the company, including designing packaging (from scratch!) that would be sold in Target stores nationwide and online.

A few of my responsibilities included:

  • Leading Kiwi Crate collateral development for subscription and retail. Working on print materials ranging from magazines, inspiration (instructional) sheets, sticker sheets, illustrations, and miscellaneous print collateral.

  • Manage timelines for all illustrations and artwork. Assist with art direction on photography.

  • Assist with Kiwi Crate product development. Lead visual design for crates and projects, assuring that all pieces are consistent with the brand aesthetic.

  • Kid Test new product concepts weekly (with volunteer kid testers), assuring that every project works with our age range. Always aim for a highly designed and developed quality product.

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