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Tanya was fascinated by design and art at a very young age through her family, who worked in the printing industry. Collecting discarded four-page color separations on acetate was a regular hobby of hers, flipping through them while simultaneously watching Sailor Moon and feeding her Neopets.


A maximalist by nature, Tanya likes a little bit of everything. Growth is her key motivator, no matter where she applies her creativity. Her strengths lie in being a chameleon, morphing her skillset with each project. As such, her creative range is vast: art direction, story-telling, illustration, graphic design, and deep-dive's into brand identity -- even going so far as creating playlists and picking Zodiac signs for brands. Whatever helps build a better story, she's game. Her upbeat approach to creative problem solving is heavily influenced by 90s cartoons, observational humor, improvisational thinking, and too much time spent watching YouTube videos. It's research.


other stuff
Բարեւ: I am bilingual.
I love karaoke. A lot.
My after school sport of choice? Table tennis.
B.A. in Graphic Design & Sculpture from USC

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